Thursday, February 26, 2015

Forget about Guantánamo

How about closing Homan Square, Chicago?

Has anybody questioned mayor Rahm Emanuel about Chicago’s version of the Lubyanka? I mean, how does an interrogation facility - where the violation of civil rights is a feature, not a bug - fit in with all the traditional liberal blather about police brutality and due process?

I have mixed feelings about this

The ruling class, and its bureaucratic army, that runs the federal government is a clear and present danger to America as we know it. So, would we be better off or worse off if they were all stoned? Discuss among yourselves.

Black lives matter

Unless, apparently, they're extinguished by illegal aliens.

Translation: Give us your gold

Joe Biden would like to "emancipate" wealth.

Scott Walker must be doing something right

Because the prospect of his presidential candidacy is causing lefty heads to explode.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jerusalem’s mayor takes down a terrorist

Hizzoner tackled a knife-wielding terrorist who was trying to stab a young man on the street.

Elsewhere, ISIS has taken 90 Christians hostage in Syria. White House Communications director Jen Psaki has threatened to create a sternly worded hashtag.

Seriously, may God preserve them.

Global warming Luddites

When it comes to scientific knowledge, who's better informed, warmistas or warming skeptics?

Take a guess.

No surprise, there. Climate alarmism is deeply rooted in emotionalism, not factual knowledge. I remember having an argument with a colleague years ago about the actual likelihood of danger from warming, and, in the end, her "reason" for believing that we were all at risk pretty much literally boiled down to "Because!"