Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Now that's a rebuke

Obama says the climate summit will be "a powerful rebuke to the terrorists."

Hmmm. I'm thinking not as "powerful" a "rebuke" as Apache helicopters...

Must be trying to blunt the backlash

"Australian army to ban chaplain’s crosses, appoints imam in deference to Islam".

Americans feel "leaderless"

Or so says right-wing media outlet...MSNBC.

Straight, no-nonsense talk on the war with ISIS

Larry Correia tells it like is. A sample:
Liberalism is a suicidal political philosophy that focuses on non-problems and ignores real problems. We’ve got an actual death cult massacring people? Well, we’d better crack down on regular Americans civil liberties. Hey, there’s a conservative organization in rural Nebraska that has absolutely nothing to do with militant Islam, better tap their phones and sick the IRS on them. We do security theater at the airports, while having a foreign policy that makes zero sense and no border. Bad guys are massacring people with machine guns they smuggled into a country with incredibly strict gun control? Well, we’d better double down on gun free zones to minimize the number of people who could effectively fight back.
Via Ace of Spades.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Smartest woman in America scores an own goal

Hillary Tweeted her support for victims of sexual abuse, stating that they have the "right to be believed" - except, I guess, in a few special cases.

Monday movie

Something a little different this week: a fan film pitting medieval knights against Predator.

The people of Greensboro, North Carolina must be sleeping a lot easier tonight

A volunteer gun surrender event netted precisely one BB gun - oh, and one knife.

Elsewhere on the gun front, the D.C. police chief unwittingly makes the case for legal concealed carry.